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Hello from your Spring Flag Coach
by posted 03/21/2020

Hi Parents and Players!

Happy Spring to everyone.   It is definitely the most memorable one yet for me!    

I'm your coach for the Spring '20 Flag Football Season.  We are the NY Football Giants.


Parents, please call me Alissa (which sounds like Melissa without the M) or Coach Brady. 

Players, please call me Coach Brady.


Our Assistant Coach is John Brady.   Since it might be confusing to have two "Coach Bradys", players can call him Coach J Brady, Coach J, Coach John, Coach JB, etc.   Parents can call him John or Coach John.


I have a little bit of homework for you - no worries; it's easy and kind of fun.   Please reply by March 31.



1. Please tell me what you want our team members to call YOU.   For example, if your name were "Oliver", would you want to be called Oliver, Ollie, O-Dawg, etc.

2. Please tell me what your two preferred positions to play.   NO PROMISES, kiddos!   Just want to find out if we think we are an "offense" or "defense" loaded team.

3. Please tell me your favorite NFL team, IRL.   Just curious. 



1. Please tell me your preferred contact method in case of emergency.   For most of you I imagine that will be a mobile phone, but please verify.   The League doesn't share your contact prefs with us.

2.  Before the first practice, please tell me if your player has ANY medical conditions or takes any medications that are relevant to practice and games.   *I will keep this information completely confidential*    As a parent, it always surprised me when a coach didn't know that my player has asthma.   The League just doesn't always share that with us coaches.


Here is our team roster:

Tristen Albright (5th Grade)

Kevin Berghaus (5th Grade)

Preston Gray (6th Grade)

Lucas Greis (6th Grade)

Zachary Helgesen (5th Grade)

Noah Patania (5th Grade)

John Silvan (6th Grade)


Ok, now for the elephant in the email.  

You're probably wondering what's going to happen this season.  The answer is ... we don't know yet.   I've been waiting and hoping that we would receive word that we can play; the WYF leadership doesn't know yet either.   We are all trying our best to "go with the flow" right now. 


My hope is that we will start our season after Gov. Lamont lifts the "shelter at home" order, which is currently in effect until April 22.   (Note that he can cancel it or extend it any time.)  


The Town and the WYF League may still decide that we can't play but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.


One of the important things that we can do right now while we wait is to stay in shape or get in shape.   Please if you can safely do so go for a jog or do "wind sprints" in a safe space.   Jumping jacks, burpees, push ups, planks and sit ups are also excellent for improving your strength.   Also remember to work in flexibility and agility - they will help prevent injury and push your performance up a notch.   I'll bet some moms and dads will give their players a run for their money in all of these areas!   In addition to us being ready to start practicing and playing, you can have fun together and keep your mental health tuned up too.


I will send some video clips of drills that you can try at home too.   These are specific flag football skills that you can work on to be ready when we get the word to play.   There's one I love for improving your "juking" skills :D


Our practices are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 - 7:30 pm.   

Games are scheduled for Saturdays, likely at 11 am but as late as 4 pm.


Lastly, if any parents would like to help with practices, picture day, game day water/oranges, etc. please let me know.   These are fun and easy ways to stay connected with our team.   


Please feel free to email me ( or call me (203-912-5983) if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc.    


In the meantime, please, please, please observe the social distancing orders.   It's the very best way to slow down the spread of the virus and stay healthy.   If you have questions about this, you can email Coach JB (   He works with all of the hospitals in Connecticut and has some valuable insights he can share.


With gratitude,

Coach Alissa Brady 


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