Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Wilton Flag Football Mission Statement

Wilton Flag Footballs Mission is to provide a safe, fun and enjoyable Flag Football environment for boys and girls from grades 1st thru 12th.  Our coaches are all NFL Flag certified and so are our Referees.  We support all players that play more than one sport, so we do our best to adjust our practice and game schedules so each child can play 2 sports with little to no conflicts. 

Our Flag Football program is for children living in Wilton only.   However, we will accept registrations for players from other towns if their town does not have a Flag Football program and as room allows in our program.

Parent volunteers' coach all of our Flag Football teams, experience coaching Flag Football is preferred but not required because all our coaches are required to complete the NFL Flag Coaches Certification course.  Which will help new coaches and less experienced coaches learn how to manage an NFL Flag Football team.  We also supply our coaches with an NFL Flag Playbook to help each coach know the basics on offense and defense.

Each of our Flag Football Divisions combine 2 grades together.  For example, the 1st graders will play with the 2nd graders and the 3rd graders will play with the 4th graders.  We normally have 4 or more teams per division with 7 to 8 players per team.  We believe smaller teams makes it easier for coaches to teach the fundamentals of the game while at the same time allowing the children maximum playing time.  Each team normally has 1 Head Coach and 1 Asst Coach.

Each Head Coach will decide what day of the week they would like to practice at Lower and Upper Middlebrook Fields.  Practices are normally held on Wednesday, Thursday or Fridays but it’s possible a coach could choose a Tuesday practice.  Most Flag Football practices are 90 minutes long and usually held between 5:30pm to 7pm.  All Flag Football games are on Saturdays at Lower and Upper Middlebrook, it is possibe we could have some weekday games.  Most games are held between 1pm & 6pm on Saturdays but its possible some coaches could choose an earlier start time around 10am.

Rules in the Wilton Flag league are created to allow for an organized but enjoyable experience for the children.  Equal playing time and position rotation is encouraged.  The full NFL Flag rules can be found on our website along with the rule modifications chosen by our coaches.   Below is a quick summary of our gameday format:

  • No kick-off or punts
  • Our field is 50 yards long and 30 yards wide
  • We play 5 offensive players vs 5 defensive players on the field  
  • There are no weight limits to play QB, RB or WR
  • No physical contact is allowed during our games
  • Each game is 40 minutes long (20-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime)

Any questions contact the Wilton Flag Football Commisioner
Tony Palumbo Jr at