Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Welcome to Wilton Youth Football - Flag Home Page

Flag Football Latest News & Updates: 

As of today, we have cancelled Preseason Flag Football and we are hoping we can play our Regular season starting on April 20th.  Because of the coronavirus threat our Flag Football season is in jeopardy of being postponed or even cancelled this Spring.  We will do our best to keep everyone up to date on the current status of our Spring Flag Football Season.  In the event we do cancel Spring Flag Football everyone will receive a full registration refund. 

We hope everyone stays healthy and safe as our community and country works to reduce and eliminate COVID-19.

  • Monday, April 20th - Flag Practices Officially begin for Grades 1 through 12
  • Saturday, April 25th - First Division games of  the Regular Season
  • Saturday May 2nd - Picture Day at Middlebrook 1pm to 4pm
  • Saturday, May 23rd -  No Games due to Memorial Day Weekend
  • Saturday, May 30th - Playoffs begin on or before this Saturday
  • Saturday, June 6th - Flag Football SuperBowl Games

1st/2nd Grade Division 
Officially Registered Players = 64  Registration is Closed - 0 Rosters spots left

Players on Waitlist = 3  Lee, Downey, LaBant

Raiders = Head Coach Capalbo, Asst Purslow, Asst Cosentino
Ravens = Head Coach Rudnicki, Asst MacDonald
Giants = Head Coach Pettorini, Asst Dempster
Chiefs1 = Head Coach Poreman, Asst Bezanson
Patriots = Head Coach Manberg, Asst Cramer
Jets = Head Coach Bravi, Asst Prusak
Bills = Head Coach Smith, Johnson
Chiefs2 = Head Coach McGoldrick, Asst Traub

1st/2nd Grade Rules Commissioner = Coach Manberg

3rd/4th Grade Division 
Officially Registered Players = 48  Registration is Closed - 0 Roster spots left

Players on Waitlist = 5  Monteleone, Santosky, Sanders, Fowler, Branch

Steelers = Head Coach Gibbons, Asst McGrath
Raiders = Head Coach Kaiser, Asst DuBrock
Lions = Head Coach Anastasia, Asst Williams
Saints = Head Coach Kapoor, Asst Pham
Cowboys = Head Coach Farinas, Asst Farinas
Seahawks = Head Coach Capalbo, Asst Savage
3rd/4th Grade Rules Commissioner =

5th/6th Grade Division 
Officially Registered Players = 31  Registration is Open - 1 Roster Spot left

Craig, Helgesen, Gray, Penella, Silvan, Gerhmann, Stevens, Sideleau, Lam, Jagetic, Bernard, Falvo, Braid, O'Grady, Anastasia, Yeager, Berghaus, Tao, Albright, Patania, Condon, Miller, Miller,  Greis, Raftery, Fila, Connell, Yuschuk, Yuschuk, Sweeters, Middlebrook

Patriots1 = Head Coach Jagetic, Asst Falvo
Giants = Head Coach Brady, Asst Brady
Titans = Head Coach Yeager, Asst Anastasia
Patriots2 = Head Coach Craig, Asst Raftery

5th/6th Grade Rules Commissioner = Coach Jagetic

7th/8th Grade Travel Division 
Registered Players = 5  Registration is Open
Miller, Kaplan, Shaw, Cotton, Young

Coaches = 0

9th/12th Grade Division 
Registered Players = 0  Registration is Open

Coaches = 0

18+ Adult Division 
Registered Players = 0  Registration is Open

Coaches = 0

All Girls Division 
Registered Players = 6  Registration is Open
Craig, McGoldrick, Crossen, Gibbons, Anastasia, Young

Coaches = 0

Congratulations to all of our Fall 2019
SuperBowl Champion Teams
7th/8th Grade Division
Coach Harlachers Dolphins

5th/6th Grade Division
Coach Davi's Seahawks

3rd/4th Grade Division
Coach Harlacher's Falcons

1st/2nd Grade Division
Coach Jacobson's Browns


  • Our Spring Flag Football Draft will take place on or before March 1st followed by 4 weeks of non mandatory preseason practices and a Jamboree on April 4th.   The first official week of our Spring Season games will start on April 20th and end with a SuperBowl on June 6th.  This is a 6 week regular season because we dont play on Memorial Day Weekend.  
  • Our Wilton Flag Football League supports all student athletes that want to play multiple sports.  We will do our best to choose game times & practice days that fit your childs schedule so they can play multiple sports with little to no conflicts.  
  • Our Flag Football Website is updated every week and we have created an FAQ page for All Flag Football seasons to help answer any questions you might have.  Stay tuned for more updates, email the Wilton Flag Football Commissioner if you have any questions:


Wilton Flag Football is a Official NFL Flag Football League and as a added benefit USA Football provides accident and health insurance coverage to all of our registered players.  In order for players to receive this FREE Secondary Insurance coverage, their parent or guardian must complete the NFL FLAG Participation Agreement Form.  (