Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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Article Submission Guidelines

Send all game reports to the Wilton Villager AND Wilton Bulletin. All game reports should be submitted via e-mail if possible. Photos can also be e-mailed. If you do not have access to e-mail, fax reports or drop them off.

Each report should be no more than 100 words (Bulletin likes them no more than 75 words) and text should be included in the body of the e-mail, not as an attachment, if possible. Also, to keep the format constant, please use only one space after a period. In order to appear in the weeks paper, reports are due:

o Villager: Tuesday by noon. Bulletin: Monday by 2 pm

Try to include all of your players in game summaries at some point in the season, but do not feel that every player must be included every week. There is only a finite amount of space and an interesting moment when someone got a hit in the last inning to win is more important to describe than listing everyone on the roster every week. Also please do not use nicknames for players (John speedy Johnson.)

It is understandable that the details of the game are what can make articles interesting, but do not get too bogged down in the games minute details (ie. Dust swirling around the diamond, motivational coaches speeches between innings.) While these things can be interesting, in 100 words, there simply is not the space to include them most of the time.

Sometimes due to space constraints in the newspaper, submitted articles will have to be edited down to a shorter length or saved for the following week.

Please turn in reports in this general format. Write them however you see fit, but please keep to the length guidelines. Also, double-check the spellings of player names.


Winning team Town/Grade/Team Name and score, vs Losing team Town/Grade/Team Name and score

Wilton Villager Fax: 762-0634 for questions call Sports Editor at 762-0400 Dropbox in Wilton Center at the Chamber of Commerce next to Wilton Pizza

Wilton Bulletin email: Fax: 438-6097 (discouraged) for questions call Tim Murphy, 438-6544 Dropbox in Wilton Center at 47 Old Ridgefield Road  email: .  For questions, contact Jennifer Angerame via email or phone: 203-253-9813