Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT
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As a Coach or Team Coordinator, you will want to know how several functions on this website work.  There are pages set up for each of the most commonly used functions:


Click the link here for a Video which explains many of your Team Coach features:

Some BASIC Instructions for Coaches (logging onto admin area, etc.): Click HERE

How do I log into the website as a coach/assistant coach/team parent? NEW Logon Instructions (2013)

How do I assign Jersey Numbers to my players

How do I   Email My Team

How do I   Add a Practice to the Schedule

How do I  Add a News (or Bulletin) Message to My Team Page

How do I  Send a Text Message when I have time critical information

How do I  Correct or Update a Player's or Parent's Contact Info

How do I  Add a Picture to the Website

How do I  Post a Game Score

How do I  Obtain a Game Day Play Count Roster
Game Day Play Count Roster for the opposing team is obtained by going to the FCFL Website and looking for your team roster under the TEAM tab. There will be a clickable link just above the website roster that says "FCFL Roster". This is your official GAME DAY ROSTER. Print this roster to submit to opposing coach as well as to keep track of play counts by player.


The system does not recognize my password. How do I register?

How do I add my players photo to his record or  Post a Picture on the Home Page

How do I  Update My Profile Info

How do I  Add Text Messaging for time sensitive messages

How do I  Check to See if I have already registered

How do  I Check to make sure I am paid in full

Where do I find the WYF Medical Form which is needed for all programs?
Click on link to obtain printable form Medical/Emergency Contact Form

Where do I find the WYF Parent Consent/Waiver Form which is needed for all programs?
Click on link to obtain printable form Parent Consent/Waiver Form

FOR OFFICIALS (Referees and Clock Operators)

From the home page, click on Officials Area from the left menu.  This will prompt you to log in.  If you don't know your password, enter your email and "forgot password." The system will send it to you. You can change it anytime.

Next, set the availability and click save. (If you want to see all games, don't select anything on this screen).

Finally, click the Master Schedule link from the left menu, and check the box at the top of the page "Show games only".  Use the arrows to scroll through available games by week.  A dropdown will appear in the far right column for all games that match the officials rule.  It will shows not assigned for if the member hasn't assigned for the event yet.  Select the dropdown and chose which type you would like to sign up as.

When an officials email address is the same as a parent's email address:

If an Assigned Official has an email address that is not unique, then his/her password MUST be unique in order to log into the officials area. When logging in, click on the "forgot password" to reset your password.  When your password is reset, log into the officials area using your new password.